Werner Enterprises' Analysis and Information Systems Group has developed a superior suite of information services and decision-support tools that will analyze and execute optimal solutions to meet your challenges. Our systems continuously evolve to ensure we always offer you the most robust, flexible and state-of-the-art suite of decision support tools available.

Photograph of AIS computer screens

Development Offices

  • Omaha, Nebraska, United States
  • Shanghai, P.R.C
  • Mexico City, Mexico

Departmental Process Work Groups

  • Interface Development
  • Middle Tier Development
  • Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse
  • System Administration and Technical Support
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Optimization Technology
  • Information Exchange
  • Logistics Analysis
  • Decision Support
  • Project Management

The Analysis and Information Systems Group Process

Our process begins with the discovery and definition of requirements and the collection of key data. During this time, we work with you to establish your particular needs and goals.

The next step is the analysis phase, a stage where we use the latest in technology to assess and evaluate your current situation. When the analysis phase is complete, we proceed to the synthesis and solution stage. During this stage we use cutting-edge systems and our expertise to create innovative, yet workable solutions to the transportation and distribution challenges at hand.

In next step, we present you with our recommendations and ask for your feedback. Then we'll repeat the process as needed until you are completely satisfied that we have developed the most appropriate solution for you.

The final step of the process involves our group overseeing any implementation needs, so that you are assured of a program that truly works according to plan. This implementation is verified through ongoing contact with you to ensure that we're meeting your needs today, and that we're available to help you anticipate the challenges of tomorrow.