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As a leader in transportation for over 55 years, we understand the constant tasks you must address to succeed in the industry. The following pages present key concepts of almost every supply chain organization. Developed strategies in these areas not only exceed goals, but also successfully drive out costs that aren’t linked to a “per mile” or “per shipment” cost reduction.

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Supply chain visibility is critical in today‘s environment. Knowing exactly where your shipments are, at all times, anywhere in the world, sets best-in-class shippers apart. Without visibility, it is increasingly difficult to control supply chain costs, inventory levels and lead times or to react effectively to supply chain disruptions.

The daily volatility of market based rates and current capacity constraints have led to an unpredictable freight environment. Distribution models that rely on inconsistent replenishment are susceptible to higher realized costs and erratic provider selection. As more supply chains migrate to carrying leaner inventories, the timely arrival and delivery of product becomes extremely critical.

Over-the-road long haul networks are evolving into short haul, regional or lane specific routes. Changing customer network needs and more driver friendly freight options reduces driver turnover, which increases service to you and your customer.

There has been a strong shift of OTR traffic to intermodal. Customers have seen benefits in both cost reduction and capacity increases. Additional capacity opportunities exist, but they need a more complex strategy to be achieved.

In today‘s complex global supply chain environment, finding a company that provides coverage throughout the world is critical. Working with a knowledgeable, experienced company who handles all lanes no matter the mode, can take away the need to figure out whom to call for what.


Shipping into and out of Canada and Mexico has become more difficult. Regulation, capacity and lack of visibility to shipments cause drains on shippers.


Organizations are under pressure to find the most profitable ways to bring products to market. It is imperative for customers to have a highly collaborative working relationship with their suppliers. Visibility into a supplier‘s business processes that impact our customers is fundamental to a business‘ success. A Supplier Management Program to control inbound shipments can drastically impact cost containment and product replenishment.


Utilizing a provider with limited coverages and capabilities can not only reduce but also limit your own supply chain. Selecting a provider based solely on lowest cost solution can cause a company to miss out on long-term savings and network strategies.