Integrated TMS

One of the most effective measures for reducing costs and exposing supply chain inefficiencies is the use of transportation management systems (TMS). TMS processes and technology is the foundation of supply chain success. Our platform is designed, modeled and implemented on long-term savings rather than immediate cost avoidance.

Werner Enterprises' internally developed proprietary SMART System is a Web-based supply chain management system that offers a customized shipment platform that is delivered to customers, suppliers and carriers through a secure, Web-based application. The SMART System provides shipment validation, visibility and optimization and provides a tool for comprehensive data collection. The optimization component allows for complete adaptation to each customer's business rules, strategic and tactical output and load, mode, network and continuous moves processes on a domestic or global scale. The SMART System's geographic information system (GIS) enables real-time mapping of customers' network data. The SMART application provides the resource tracking and business intelligence that our customers need and our personnel utilize to achieve superior results.

Photograph of Werner employees working in the office

Superior Technology Offerings

  • Interface development
  • Middle tier development
  • Business intelligence/data warehouse
  • System administration and technical support
  • Geographic information systems
  • Optimization technology
  • Information exchange
  • Logistics analysis
  • Decision support
  • Project management

Werner Enterprises' solutions not only can reduce transportation expenditures, but also provide benefits such as service level improvements, increased market share due to customer service process improvements and inventory reduction processes should not be overlooked.

Global Information Systems (GIS)

GIS is computer software that links geographic information (where things are) with descriptive information (what things are).

Geography is helping people make better decisions in many disciplines. Geographic data can be gathered and organized to support the generation of information products that are integrated in the business strategy of the organization. A geographic information system is not an end in itself. It is used to create useful information products that help organizations run better. It can save millions of dollars through increased productivity and efficiencies.

How is it used?

At Werner Enterprises, geographic analysis is the key to making better decisions. GIS serves three distinct transportation needs: infrastructure management, fleet and logistics management and transit management. Werner Enterprises uses GIS to integrate mapping analysis into decision support for network planning and analysis, tracking and routing, inventory tracking, route planning and analysis and more. We can graphically represent and answer questions like:

  • Where does my freight originate and final?
  • Where is the customer located?
  • What regions have the highest fuel cost?
  • What interstates and major highways does my freight travel on? In what direction?
  • What is the best location for a terminal, distribution center, or store?
  • What is the driver base in this region?
  • Where is my freight?

With GIS enabling, applications can interact with visualized data to produce custom maps, charts, and reports to support the decision making process. Users can specify the amount of detail to better focus on specific details. This powerful method of interacting with data enables Werner Enterprises to make better decisions, faster.

Internet Reporting Capabilities

The AIS team can create custom reports for your company and publish them on the Internet through our secure portal. We give your company the flexibility and freedom to run your reports at your convenience. No calls for customer support are required to generate your reports.

Your reports will be developed so they can be scheduled to run at set times so they're waiting for you when you need them.