Passenger Permits:

Many drivers enjoy having passengers ride with them. The Company also recognizes long periods away from home make it hard for drivers to spend as much time with their family as they would like. The Company has no objection to carrying a passenger as long as the Company is protected from liability in case of an accident or injury. In order to protect the Company’s interests, all riders must be covered by accident or health insurance. Drivers and passengers will also be required to consent to waiver and indemnity agreements. Please call a Driver Services Representative with any questions.

A rider’s passenger permit must be signed by a safety director and must be carried on the truck at all times.

Cancellation of Passenger Permits:

Insurance premiums will be withheld from your paycheck every month or until the Company receives a cancellation form indicating the passenger is no longer riding with you. The form must be sent to the Omaha office. Insurance cannot be canceled over the phone. You can obtain this cancellation form from a Driver Services Representative.

Pet Permits:

The Company encourages employees to be responsible pet owners. This means pets must not be allowed to damage Company or customer property. It also means pets must be kept under control at all times so they do not injure anyone. Please call a Drivers Services Representative in Omaha with any questions.

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